Coaching Sessions

A transformative journey that will take you from unsure and self doubting to confident, self assured and glowing. Be excited to move forward with your life as the new you!

Through our coaching partnership together, we will

  • delve deep into your personal journey, helping you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you truly want in life,
  • work together to identify and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back,
  • define your core values and create a plan for you that fully aligns with them,
  • learn powerful techniques and strategies to boost your self-esteem, cultivate self-love, and develop a strong sense of self-worth,
  • think differently about who you are.

Commitment to Change

I strongly believe it takes a few months of coaching sessions to make lasting change. However, I understand that people have different needs and challenges.

We can discuss during our initial call what you’re comfortable with and my suggestions for what kind of support I can offer you. Generally, I ask clients to make an initial commitment to four sessions at £95 per session.

"Discovering Your Starting Point"

  • Introduction to the coaching process and establishing a strong coaching relationship.
  • Reflecting on where you are now in life and understanding how your past experiences have shaped your current situation.
  • Identifying patterns and behaviours that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

"Defining Your Desires"

  • Delving into your deepest desires and aspirations.
  • Exploring what truly brings you joy and fulfilment in life.
  • Clarifying your long-term vision and short-term objectives.

"Conquering Limiting Beliefs"

  • Recognising and challenging limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress.
  • Learning techniques to reframe negative thoughts and replace them with empowering beliefs.
  • Cultivating a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

"Understanding Your Core Values"

  • Uncovering your core values and how they influence your decisions and actions.
  • Aligning your life with your values to create a sense of purpose and fulfilment.
  • Making choices that are in harmony with your authentic self.

"Embracing New Perspectives"

  • Exploring new ways of thinking and perceiving challenges and opportunities.
  • Building resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.
  • Cultivating a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

"Setting SMART Goals"

  • Learning the art of setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals.
  • Breaking down your long-term vision into actionable and achievable steps.
  • Creating a roadmap for your personal and professional development.

"Creating Your Action Plan"

  • Developing a detailed action plan to reach your goals.
  • Identifying potential obstacles and strategizing ways to overcome them.
  • Creating a support system to keep you accountable and motivated.

"Taking the First Steps"

  • Empowering you to take the first steps towards your goals with confidence.
  • Overcoming the fear of failure and embracing the learning process.
  • Celebrating small wins and building momentum for continued success.

"Overcoming Procrastination"

  • Understanding the root causes of procrastination and developing strategies to overcome it.
  • Cultivating discipline and time management skills to stay focused and productive.
  • Developing healthy habits to support your progress.

"Building Resilience and Self-Compassion"

  • Embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Practicing self-compassion and self-care to nurture your well-being.
  • Strengthening your resilience to bounce back from challenges.

"Effective Communication and Boundary Setting"

  • Enhancing your ability to express your needs and desires effectively.
  • Setting healthy boundaries to protect your time, energy, and emotions.
  • Nurturing positive relationships and letting go of toxic influences.

"Celebrating Your Transformation"

  • Reflecting on your journey and celebrating the progress you’ve made.
    Revisiting your goals and setting new ones for continued growth.
  • Crafting a plan to maintain and build upon your newfound confidence and self-esteem.
  • Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey towards lasting positive change! The world is yours to conquer!